Estimate Calories in Beer Bottle for good Health

Most of the time beer is liked by the student because it contains very less amount of alcohol in it. Sometimes people drink Beer for good taste or few people drink it for enjoyment only. But they do not know about its consequences. Even they do not know whether Beer is good for health or not?  But if you really love to drink best alcoholic drinks then you will get some good results. But you have to take care about calories in Beer bottle for good health.

calories in beer bottle

Each and every alcoholic drink has calories in them and some amount of sugar also. There are a lot of many substances or minerals are there in beers bottle. But one thing keeps in mind that Calories in best beer bottle depends on the brand. It means that each and every beer brand company has different calories in beer bottle. All the beer bottle do not have the same amount of calories in it.

Find out Calories in Beer Bottle of your favorite

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Most of the time, calories content in beer Bottle is falling from 64 calories to the highest level 198 calories (per 12 oz). Generally, people like to take light beer because it is low calories beer but having fewer carbohydrates as compared to regular beer. Here we have provided a small list in which you will get few names of beer brands and also get calories in per beer bottle. There few beer brands contain low alcohol beer and having 4-6 % alcohol.

Want to drink famous Indian Beer Brands

Food Item Serving Size Total Carbs (g) Calories
Beer (regular) 12 fl oz 13 146
Beer (strong) 12 fl oz 13 180
Beer, light 12 fl oz 5 100
Beer (non-alcoholic) 12 fl oz 13 72
Lager 12 fl oz 19 180
Cider (sweet) 12 fl oz 27 200
Ale 12 fl oz 7 126
Stout 12 fl oz 20 178

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Now, I think you can easily find out how much calories you beer bottle have. If you want to know about calories in particular beer brand then please make a comment. So that we can consider top most known beer brands and can inform you about calories in branded beer bottle. But our next article, stay tuned with us and keep reading our calories in beer bottle articles.

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