lowest calorie beer brands for Good health

Everyone is in doubt, some people are saying that beer is a low calories drinks or some are telling that it is high calorie drink. Even few of them are commenting that beer is non alcoholic drinks and even some say it is alcoholic drinks. But you do not worry about calorie content in beer and stop searching on the internet because today you will get complete information about calories in beer. Even you will also get lowest calorie beer brands which are good for health as well as the mind.

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There are different types of beers available in the market. Some beers fall into the category of best alcoholic drinks which means that they contain some amount of alcohol. If you loved to drink alcoholic drinks then you can select your drink as per your requirement.

Top 10 lowest calorie beer brands with good taste

lowest calorie beer bottleMGD 64 beer brand: This beer brand contains the lowest calorie in our prepared list. If you are thinking to drink lowest calorie beer then you should go for MGD 64 beer because it is having 64 Calories in one bottle. Those people who are very much conscious about their health they can go for low calorie MGD 64 Beer.

Calorie in MGD 64 beer bottle is :- 64 Calories

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Beck's Light beer bottleBeck’s Light beer brand: Beck’s Light is another lowest calorie beer on our list after MGD 64 beer. If you don not like to drink MGD 64 beer then there is another lowest calorie beer i.e. Beck’s light beer. If you are thinking about good health but can not avoid beer. Then. you should go for Beck’s light beer for good health because it is a low calorie beer.

Calorie in Beck’s light beer is :- 64 calories


 Michelob Ultra beer brand: Those people who are thinking to drink average calorie beer, they can go for Michelob Ultra beer. If you really ca not stop yourself from drinking beer and also want to maintain good health. Then, Michelob Ultra is also the lowest calorie beer and you can easily drink this beer by keeping your food health in mind.

Calorie in Michelob Ultra beer is :- 95 calories


lowest calorie beer bottleMiller Lite beer brand: Lot of people lot of drink Miller Lite beer bottle because it is good in taste. Even college or school students are also like to drink this lowest calorie beer bottle. We have considered it in lowest calorie beer brands because it is in the list of top 10 low calorie beer. Even girls can also drink this Miller Lite beer and can maintain their good health.

Calorie in Miller Lite beer is :- 96 calories


Heineken Light beer bottleHeineken Light beer brand: It also falls in the list of famous lowest calorie beer bottle. This beer brand is good for those people who burned high calories of their body in the complete day. They can easily drink average calorie beer because it will not harm your health as well as body

Calorie in Heineken Light beer bottle is :- 99 calories

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Bud Select beer bottleBud Select beer brand: Most of the girls drink beer during their study time but they do not know which beer brand is having how much calories. A high calorie beer can also harm our body in terms of a lot of health related problems. So always try to drink Lowest calorie beer bottle for better health and mind. If you are a youngster then you cal also drink high calorie beer bottle because you can easily manage your body.

Calorie in Bud Select beer bottle is :- 99 calories

Famous Coors Light beer bottleFamous Coors Light beer brand: As its name itself suggest that it is a light beer brand which is having low calorie per bottle. We have put this famous beer brand in the list of less calorie beer brands. You will happy to know that light beer bottle is one of lowest calorie beer in today’s world.

Calorie in Coors Light beer bottle is :- 102 calories


Best Corona Light beer bottleBest Corona Light beer brand: One of the most average calorie content beer in the market. This light beer is good for both men as well as women. Everyone can drink this corona light beer and can enjoy its taste along with few calories in the body. Always keep in mind that low calorie beer is good for those who are not healthy but it is not good for a healthy person who workout daily. So drink beer as per your body requirement and enjoy your life.

Calorie in Corona Light beer bottle is :- 105 calories

Bud Light beer bottleLow calories Bud Light beer brand: This beer brand is also very much famous and mostly liked by youngsters. So if you are also a healthy person and do not worry about calories then you can drink Bud Light beer bottle. This beer is very much tasty and good in smell. It is another reason that it is famous in all over the world. So always try to drink less calorie beer in life.

Calorie in Bud Light beer bottle is :- 110 calories

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lowest calorie beer bottleSam Adams Light beer brand: If you are healthy enough but still worried about your health then it is good for you. Those people who are good in health they can drink Sam Adams Light beer bottle. This beer brand is having little big high calories per bottle but still loved by the youngster. That’s why we have selected it in the list of best lowest calorie beer brands.

Calorie in Sam Adams Light beer bottle is :- 119 calories

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